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What People Actually Say Before They Die

Many people pretend to love their partners even if it's not the case anymore , others are hiding their love from the public. It is impossible to reject your feelings. Just let them be part of you. But still, make sure that your reasoning stays in control. And please try not to be one of the mad ones. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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I treat them equal. I can harvest grain the middle age way.

I always go on, I never stay. Some believe I can fly. Most people don't like me. And thus try to fight me. Most people don't want me to touch them. Some mad people want me to rush them. There is no proof that I exist.

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  • Why You Cannot Die!;

But what I do can't be dismissed. Rand al'Thor Many people die every day, death comes equally for all I can harvest grain the middle age way. The Reaper is often depicted as holding a large scythe. Death itself cannot die. His dwelling is in heaven, whence he reaches earth in eight flights Most People don't like me.

7 Ways That People Die Before They're Actually Dead - The Positivity Solution™

Not many people want to die meet the reaper And thus try to fight me. Many will try to avoid death for as long as possible Most people don't want me to touch them. Not sure but perhaps those with a deathwish. This is just a personification based on belief.

Can You Actually Die From a Lack of Sleep? Here's What Science Says

But what I do cant be dismissed. Death is constantly observed Who am I? You are Time. I meet many people. Time meets everyone, every time I treat them equal. Time never act differently with anyone. Do not know. Actually, do not understood what that mean.

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  8. Obviously; isn't it? Time flies so quickly when we are happy, with loved ones. As said above, they do not like it.

    Live the way you want to be remembered

    They try hard fight to get out of bad times. Most people like to live young or kid all the time. Aastik Aastik 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. I actually didnt think of time as an answer, but I'd definitely accept it the way you presented it. Too bad one can just accept one answer. Hence why I agree with the most voted answer. But I guessed time, too.

    In wake of that, it seems to be a more plausible answer than then one currently accepted. The accepted answer of "death itself" doesn't still well with me. Death can not fly, and as for no proof that i exist - A quick image search of the term "dead hamster" should settle that one. I threat them equal. Death sure exists, but the Grim Reaper as shown in popular believes don't But what I do cant be dismissed.

    I am everywhere all time at shopping malls and such. And I give them equal treats. I can but I don't because my belly gets in the way.