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For more information, click Westerners International. To date we have featured over historical articles about subjects that range from our Spanish colonial beginnings to our present day historical experiences.

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For more information about joining, click Join Us Meeting regularly this Corral established the tradition of meetings with speakers who share the history of the American West. All rights reserved. Sign In to Edit this Site. A magazine has been published every quarter for 39 years running. Since then, he has been to the country five times, and has taken part in mass meetings with both Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un.

Food security is much better and industry is on the rise.

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The fact that U. The negative image of North Korea portrayed in Western media, especially American and South Korean, is for the most part based on lies, exaggerations and misunderstandings, Lundgren argues.

These Are the Westerners Joining ISIS

The image is characterized by a colonial thinking, and hidden political motives. The biggest group is the Korean Friendship Association , KFA, with some 15, members worldwide and official delegates in 38 countries, according to its website. Compared to other friendship-groups, the KFA is more radical. The U. He recalls an event in April , walking along a street in North Korea with his guide. What a lie. Most people, however, are somewhat less supportive of the North Korean regime.

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In a report released this month, the United Nations said North Korea had committed wide-ranging crimes against humanity to sustain its political system. Amnesty International has also accused South Korea of systematically abusing the security act in order to silence political opposition. On February 17, leftwing lawmaker Lee Seok-ki was sentenced to 12 years in prison by a South Korean court for plotting an armed rebellion in support of North Korea. Lundgren says both the North and South would be better off if the U.

Brian Bridges, a Hong Kong-based North Korea expert who has been researching the Korean issue for more than two decades, agrees that the U.

But so are the Russians, he adds.