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Tamil AW Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF Theoretical orientation in research and its results ; Informants ; Life history materials ; Reviews and critiques ; Family relationships ; Ethnopsychology ; Drives and emotions ; Verbal arts ; Kinship terminology ;. Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This monograph describes the experiences of the author and her family living in the household of a south Indian family in Tamil Nadu during the years of Her observations of family life supplemented by information provided by her pricipal informant, a Tamil scholar by the name of Themozhiyar, who provides a major part of the ethnographic data presented in this work.

The central theme of this book is the concept of love in a Tamil family and Trawick describes different aspects of Tamil family life that touch upon love, such as kinship organization, childrearing, sexual relations, habits of speaking, and rules of behavior. The first part is the OWC identifier and the second part is the document number in three digits. Language: Language that the document is written in English. Although the figures do not match, they are close enough.

That is, before the s mavirar was differentiated from tiyaki , catci , and ratacatci. Shankar who died on 27 November after being wounded in one of the Tiger ambushes in July, whereas the first woman mavirar is Malati, who committed cyanide suicide when wounded fatally Narayan Swamy, Inside an Elusive Mind , pp. See the picture of one cemetery in www.

As conveyed, independently, by Neloufer de Mel and Kingsley Garbett in conversation. This argument has been developed elsewhere by the author in relation to war stories and oral transmission in the era before and after the extension of print technology M. Roberts, Modernist Theory. The Printed Word. See www. Sluka The author came to this conclusion on a priori grounds in the course of a conversation with David Olney of the Politics Dept, University of Adelaide. This said, note that some Tamils in Sri Lanka are ambivalent about the LTTE and yet others vehemently opposed—at the same time that they are critical of the Colombo-based governments.

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See R. Narayan Swamy, Inside an Elusive Mind , pp.

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These cyanide vials, according to Narayan Swamy, were slipped to them by Balasingham and others during a visit to their jail. Grapevine information within Tamil circles suggests that Rahim did not swallow his kuppi when captured by the Indians; and that his departure from the LTTE was precipitated by this event. The work of Schalk, Trawick, and Hellmann-Rajanayagam is particularly valuable because they command these characteristics. It usually comes at a price, however. Approximate date conveyed by Dagmar Hellmann-Rajanayagam e-mail, 6 July on information she derived from Peter Schalk.

Leach, ed. Information conveyed by Vamadevan of Sydney a former police officer whose home village is near Palaly and Dr. Ravindran of Adelaide. Vamadevan indicated that some depressed caste people would receive financial support from their patrons in order to bury their dead. Also note the independent confirmation of this note by Dr.

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Ravindran in Note See S. Settar and G.

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Sontheimer, eds. This quotation is a modified version of a title used by A. Settar, and G. Pope as quoted in K. Also see H. Shulman, Tamil Temple Myths. Opinions conveyed by K. Sivathamby and S. Rajanayagam interviews 3 October and 7 January , respectively. Kailasapathy, Tamil Heroic Poetry , p. Among the Tamils of Sri Lanka the word natukal is familiar, but is associated with the symbolic cornerstone for a new house. The southern Indian sense of a memorial or hero stone does not seem to be part of popular understanding responses of Tamil friends.

The author is not certain of the Tamil equivalent. Roberts, ed.

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Collective identities Revisited Ratmalana: Marga Institute, , pp. I am aware of Mark Whitaker's work, but his focus is not on religious action at shrines per se. In sum, their work does not add up to the scale of work done by the others. Note, however, that Bastin spent several months researching in the Batticaloa locality in the mids before moving to Munnesvaram which is chiefly a Saivite temple cluster in a borderline area that services both Tamils in the northern and northwestern regions as well as those in the rest of the island, besides Sinhalese and other ethnic categories from all parts of Sri Lanka.

Bastin has subsequently worked in Kalutara South. Garbett's research included the shrines at the Hindu temple in Mutwal, the mosque at Dematagoda, the Buddhist temple at Bellanwila and St.

Trawick, Margaret. Notes on love in a Tamil family

Anthony's Church in Kotahena, every one of them in Colombo. No publications have resulted, but as he is a colleague, the present author has gained information about his findings over the years. Bastin, The Domain of Constant Excess , p. As widely known, Mrs. Bandaranaike was among those who frequented Munnesvaram in the past.

Tamil Tiger “Martyrs": Regenerating Divine Potency?: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: Vol 28, No 6

Kapferer, The Feast of the Sorcerer , pp. The story goes that when a famous cricketer jumped the queue at Kataragama, many devotees in that queue incorporated his name into their curses. The patience shown by worshippers at shrines is in marked contrast to the push and shove of Sri Lankans at bus halts.

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  • Gombrich and Obeyesekere, Buddhism Transformed , p. These two scholars' research not only embraced religious sites in Colombo, but also at such spots as Gampola, Kataragama, Seenigama, and Munnesvaram. Barr-Kumarakulasinghe , born in in Tellipalai, Ceylon.

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    Vararajasingham , born in in Tellipalai, Ceylon. Pararajasingham , born in Kumarakulasinghe , born in in Tellipalai, Ceylon. Grace Sinnathamby. James Mather.

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    Isaac, born on 19 Aug in Manipay, Ceylon. Elizabeth, born on 29 Jun in Manipay, Ceylon. She died on 23 Sep in Jaffna. She died on 18 Dec in Colombo, Ceylon. Lambert, born on 4 Dec in Jaffna. He died on 22 Jul She died on 10 May Winslow, born on 3 Jun in Jaffna. He died on 23 Dec in Ja-ela, Ceylon.