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Corresponding author. Jim Malone: moc. Address correspondence to Prof. Jim Malone. E-mail: ei. Published by the British Institute of Radiology. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Objective: Medical ethics has a tried and tested literature and a global active research community. Methods: The literature on medical ethics and implicit ICRP ethical values were reviewed qualitatively, with a view to identifying a system that will help guide contemporary behaviour in radiation protection of patients.

Results and conclusion: A widely recognized and well-respected system of medical ethics was identified that has global reach and claims acceptance in all cultures. Advances in knowledge: Five widely recognized values and the basis for them are identified to support the contemporary practice of diagnostic radiology. The most important of these, in our view, are: prudence: keep in mind possible long-term risks of actions and honesty: share knowledge with those concerned truthfully.

Building blocks for the pragmatic value set Beauchamp and Childress developed four principles for biomedical ethics. Human dignity It could be argued that respect for autonomy is actually based on a certain understanding of human dignity and thus the latter does not need to be invoked as an additional value. Honesty Honesty extends well beyond financial matters and includes openness and transparency with regard to the benefits and risks of procedures. Scenarios Application of the system is illustrated in six clinical scenarios.

Table 1.


Open in a separate window. Scenarios Six scenarios are presented involving examinations conducted on individuals exposed in a medical setting. Figure 1, Scenario 1 This presents a scenario involving Mr Black, a professor of orthopaedic surgery. Figure 1. Figure 1, Scenario 2 This presents a scenario in which a female patient mids is referred to the radiology department of a moderate-sized district hospital for an elective non-urgent CT pelvic scan.

Figure 1, Scenario 3 This scenario deals with the practice of Dr Amber, an interventional cardiologist in private practice. Figure 1, Scenario 4 This scenario deals with a case in which Mr Grey is referred for an examination as part of his follow-up for previous cancer, from which he appears to be in remission. Figure 1, Scenario 5 This scenario concerns Dr Browne, an experienced well-trained paediatric radiologist.

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Figure 1, Scenario 6 Many issues arise in a subset of human exposures that appear like medical examinations, but are not conducted for the benefit of the person involved, i. FUNDING This project received no direct funding, but drew on experience in various employments and projects in which the authors were involved.

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      Community as Healing: Pragmatist Ethics in Medical Encounters

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